James Turner




James Turner, Co-Founder

I've always believed that a better world is not only possible, it's way more fun. I worked at Greenpeace for nearly a decade, creating campaigns which used entertainment and humour to shine a light on really important issues. 

I'm a very positive person, and believe in the capacity of humankind to sort itself out and people to look after each other. That's the guiding principle for my work. 




Glimpse is about showing a positive 'glimpse' of the future, whether that be environmental, social, or just personal stuff like having more time with the kids. 

We want to help people realise that change is possible, and that they have to they have the power to create it. It really feels like there's a lack of vision or confidence at the moment, and we're hoping to inspire people to get some of that back.




We created Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS), a Kickstarter campaign which replaced dozens of Tube adverts with pictures of cats. It had a media reach of over a billion people and generated over £200m in advertising value equivalent (ironically).

More recently we teamed up with Help Refugees to create the "Choose Love” store in Soho: the world’s first shop to sell real products for refugees. We raised just under £1m in eight weeks, which helped fund over 6000 warm coats and thousands of other items for people in Calais, Greece and across the middle east.



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