James Adeleke

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James Adeleke, Founder & Director
Generation Success

I am a happy go lucky Founder & Director. Sparked into action by the London riots and a dream I had about the difference I wanted to make to the world around me. The vision is a world where their is equality of opportunities and a workforce that is reflective of society from top to bottom. I have a legal background and have served roles on boards and committees. My passion is of course #SocialMobility #Employment #Diversity #London #Equality #BAME.




We are on a mission to change the world (at least to make it fairer). Our fundamental belief is that your career should not be defined by your birth.

Generation Success is a not-for-profit organisation that is an inspiring network that advances social mobility by empowering all people of diversity to achieve their career aspirations. 

We achieve this by removing barriers and allowing business and all people of diversity to connect, creating equal access and opportunities for a fairer world. Our activities include inspirational monthly series talks by business leaders, mentoring and working with organisations to change recruitment practices to level the playing field into careers within elite professions.

Our long-term aspiration is to be a recruitment agency that connects our diverse talent into career opportunities at our partner organisations.

We were formed as a result of the London riots and one of the things that inspire our work is our members. Being able to see their burning desire, rather than burning buildings.

The future is in our hands and our members are those who take charge and make it happen.




Our community is currently 6,000 people. We reach around 1,500 people annually and engage with around 100 business leaders a year.

A range of business leaders and 15 corporates HSBC, RBS, Twitter, Eversheds, Reed Smith support our organisation. 

We have been self financed and are now moving to a sustainable financial model which allow us to do more and better track our impact. 




James Adeleke

Generation Success

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