Harry Wright

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Harry Wright, Director & Co-Founder
The Conservation Project International (T-CPI)

I am a lawyer and a passionate conservationist. I am also the Chairman of the United Nations Association Westminster Young Professionals and have travelled the world experiencing first hand the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. 

I aim to bring conservation into the 21st century and inspire a new generation of conservationists and thinkers to care and advocate for the natural world. We have built up a network of passionate volunteers through the organisation I co-founded, T-CPI.




At T-CPI we are passionate about helping young conservationists and scientific researchers get the experience they desperately need in order to become future leaders in the field.

We aim to support young conservationists/researchers by providing grants, mentoring and linking them with our scientific research projects and partner organisations around the world. Our main areas of focus include marine conservation and wildlife trafficking. 




T-CPI has supported a number of conservation projects around the world including funding a groundbreaking Blue Shark Research Project off the South West coast of Cornwall. We are currently working with a marine conservation charity in the Maldives and have built partnerships with organisations in Kenya, South Africa, Europe and the United States.

Through our growing online community and educational articles/blogposts, we have reached tens of thousands of people around the world and now having a growing team of 12 volunteers working with us. We now look to scale up to help support as many young conservationists and researchers as possible. 




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