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Alyssa Chassman, Founder & CEO,
The IDHouse

A Chicagoan by birth and a Londoner by choice, I moved to the UK for a 4-month internship and never left! Since then, I've built my career in the international development/charity sector in the UK, tackling issues like gender, maternal health care, child rights, and religious extremism.

I became dedicated to empowering young people when I myself experienced the challenges of being a young changemaker in society.

My vision for the world is that one day youth will be at the forefront of sustainable global change, leading the dialogue, and creating for themselves the world they want to live in.




The IDHouse empowers, equips, and inspires young worldchangers from all backgrounds to transform the world. We believe that young people have the ability to change the world, and we want to encapsulate that passion and turn it into action.

We empower our members to be powerful, to lead with purpose, dive in head first, and to develop innovative solutions to the most critical international challenges. 




Since our inception, we have built a community of over 1,000 worldchangers from all over the world.

IDHouse runs a Youth Delegate Programme, a virtual fellowship which empowers 25 young leaders from across the globe to develop core competencies in leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development.

We have also just launched our framework for ideating and developing innovative ideas, UNITE 2030, which, in our April 2018 session, brings together 100 worldchangers to tackle solutions to critical challenge.  




Alyssa Chassman

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