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As your project develops, you may need to recruit more people or get additional support from people with a wider range of skills and connections. This is how you can effectively grow your team.



Think about people in your network who may be interesting in supporting your project. It is amazing how much people are willing to give if you just ask!




Recruiting more people might be necessary at any stage of your project. This is how to do it!



If you want to grow your team, because you might falling behind on deadlines and think you need more people than you already have, then send the details of the skills you are looking for to your Project Coordinator.




Redundancy - recruit more people than you need, so you don't face this problem again!



If you have had someone new join the team, go through the same process of setting them up as you did when building your team.

As long as your Trello board is kept updated, it should be very easy for them to get up-to-speed and to start contributing. It is best to have a call with them to take them through the Trello board and give them the opportunity to ask any questions they might have.

They should then be able to find all of the documents they need and be assigned tasks to be completed.



Introduction - make sure to introduce them to the rest of the team!



You might just need somebody to help you with something very specific just once, or on a few occasions. It could be a photographer for an event or lawyer to review a document.

Give a shoutout on social media and in the ChangeMakers community to see if you can find anyone.

Let your Project Coordinator know and they'll search through our community for you.



Network - think again about people you know who might be able to help you with these types of tasks.




Try to get support from companies that can help to boost your project.



Companies can provide a range of support on a pro bono basis (i.e. for free!) that could really boost your project.

That could include anything from legal advice to support in developing your strategy and implementing it.



Legal support - if you’re looking for legal advice, TrustLaw is a great tool to find pro bono help.



There are a number of companies who also have grant funding that they provide to projects supporting the causes they care about.

This can be a great way to generate some initial income to help you get your project off the ground.



Google - a quick search on Google will help you to find some initial target companies.



Companies also provide event and office space for free to organisations with projects they want to support.

This can be a really good way of reducing the costs of holding an event for your project, as well as having a nice venue that will attract people to come.



Have a think about companies who you know hold events, as well as people you might know in companies that do.




Make the most of your existing connections. Find people in your team’s network who might be able and willing to help.



Advisors are people who might be able to spare a small amount of time to give you advice and connections.

Think about some people in your network who might be quite senior in organisations who may be willing to support your project.

They may be able to give you really valuable advice, as well as provide you with connections to help you meet the right people who can help your project progress.



Expert Impact - they support social entrepreneurs by matching them with experts



It might be a long shot, but amongst your team’s connections you might be able to find influential people who can help to drive your project forward.

These could include relevant thought-leaders or social media influencers and celebrities.

They can really help to give your project a big boost by helping you to generate additional awareness, provide direct support or even just offer you other connections who can help.



Getting a social media influencer or celebrity to support your project can be very, very difficult.

That is why we recommend trying this if somebody has a personal connection or a big existing network. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time trying to get someone with little chance of success.





Now you know how to build, manage and grow your team. It's time to do just that, so you can develop your project and make change happen.

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