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Building your team requires getting set up with the right tools, responding to your project applicants and getting your team all set up. This is your guide to doing all of that!



This is just a guide with the tools that we find particularly effective. You may already have your own systems set up that work well for you. Go with what you think will be best for your project team.




You need to start by getting yourself set up, so you and your team can easily communicate, collaborate and make change happen.



We recommend using Slack for communication within your team. It’s easy to use and much quicker than using email - a bit like Facebook Messenger, but specifically designed for teams. 

You can use it in your internet browser and/or download it as an app on your desktop and phone.

We will set you up with a project channel. Once you’re set up, you can invite your team members to your project channel and you can get rolling!



Sign Up to ChangeMakers Slack

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One of the most important things to ensure your team can collaborate is to have an effective way of managing tasks.

We recommend using a task management system called Trello. It’s a really good way to organise tasks and to keep track of the progress that is being made.

You can use it in your internet browser and there is also a downloadable app for your phone.

Once you’re signed up, create your own Trello board and invite your team members to join. Don't worry about putting anything on the Trello board for now - we'll show you how to do that in the next step!



To be able to effectively work together, you need tools that will enable your team to collaborate online.

We recommend using the G Suite - the Google suite of products (Googles Docs, Googles Spreadsheets, etc). This provides most of the tools you and your team need to complete work. It's easier than using typical software, as multiple people can edit them in real time.

Keep all of the documents that you want shared with your team in your project folder here.



We know that it can be difficult to organise calls with people in a team - particularly with people in different time zones! Fortunately, rather than sending messages back-and-forth, Doodle makes it so much easier to find out when people on your team are available for a call.

It's really simple:

  • Create a Doodle poll with a number of possible dates and times for a call.

  • Send it out on your team’s Slack channel to find out when is the best date and time for most people




Now that you are all set up and have the systems in place - you can start to recruit your team!



You will receive the details of your project applicants straight to the email address you specify on the Create Project form.

The details you will receive for each applicant include:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Skill

  • LinkedIn profile

  • Country they are based in



These are the characteristics that make up a successful team:

Redundancy - having more people than you think you need.

Responsiveness - being responsive to your team and them being responsive to you.

Reliability - ensuring that you do what you say you will and that you hold your team accountable too.



We recommend using three key criteria when evaluating candidates:

  • Passion - their passion for making change happen.

  • Ability - their technical ability to fulfil the role.

  • Time - the amount of time they can give.

Give each person a score out of 100 for each element and you choose the highest scoring candidates.

We know that it can be so annoying to not get a response back if you apply for something. That is why you will be expected to respond to everyone that applies.

Whether you want to find out more about them, or accept or reject their application, we have set you up with template emails to make it even easier for you to get back to your project applicants!



Once you have recruited all of your team members, to finalise the team, send the names and email addresses of each of the team members to our HR Coordinator, Sabina Raus: on Slack you can message her @Sabina or email



Sabina, HR Coordinator
@Sabina (Slack)




You have the team - now get them set up, so you can start working together to make change happen.



Invite your team members to join your project’s Slack channel.

If they aren’t already on the ChangeMakers Slack, you can send them a link to sign up:

Once they're signed up, invite them to your project channel (e.g. #sampleprojectname).



ChangeMakers Slack Sign Up



Invite your team members to join Trello and invite them to the project board you have created as well (click on ‘Menu’ in the top right corner and click ‘Invite’ and type in their email addresses).



Get your team off and running by setting up your first team call on Zoom (it is a lot more reliable than some other video conferencing options out there!).








Now your team is set up, it is time to get managing them!

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