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Making change is why we all do what we do to support the causes we care about.

From launching your project to measuring your success, this is your guide to making the change you want to see in those crucial project delivery stages.




Whether you are planning a big launch or a soft one, this is where the fun really begins!



Whatever your project, there is probably going to be some kind of launch date.

Whether you are holding an event, building a website or creating a campaign, preparation is essential to ensure success. In the run up to a launch, we know that things can get quite (or very!) hectic. That is why your team should be prepared to potentially give more time in the run up to your launch and know exactly what they need to do to make it a success.

This is where your Trello board becomes invaluable. Make sure to keep it updated and that people know exactly what they have to do and by when.



Focus, focus, focus.

Even though you might have big plans for the future, focus on making the launch a successful.

It is your best opportunity to tell people about your project and to get the attention you need to make it successful.



What you do following your launch is almost as important as the launch itself.

Make sure to follow up with any contacts that you might have made through your launch.

Have a plan of action following the launch to ensure that you keep up momentum.




Congratulations - your project is now up and running!

Now it’s time to really make change happen.



Your team has probably worked really hard to get your project launched. Some might want a bit of a rest, others might be keen to really get going.

After your launch, it is good to organise a call or meeting with your team to congratulate each other and evaluate what you have done and where you want to go next.

It is worthwhile taking a step back yourself and considering the people you have in your team and whether you need any additional or different skills in the next phase of the project. There could also be people who feel they are unable to continue - in which case you can replace them.



Project Coordinator - if you need to replace any of your team members, then get in touch with your Project Coordinator.



Your Trello board was probably getting a bit crazy leading up to the launch.

Now it is your opportunity to consider the next steps that you have already laid out and consider with your team whether there are any changes that you think you should make.

It is important to continue to ensure that people have assigned tasks, so you don’t lose the momentum!



Now that you’ve launched your project, this is a great opportunity to test out ideas that could help your project to grow.

These could be ideas that you already had or that you have thought about since the launch. It’s better to learn fast than not at all, so try things out on a small scale and quickly.




Evaluating your success is crucial to knowing what change you have made happen and how you can grow your impact in the future.



We know that you have been thinking about whether you have been meeting your goals along the way, but this is a great time to evaluate everything that you have done so far.

This does not need to be complicated, but could be as simple as talking with your team about what has and has not worked.



To know whether your project is making the change you want to see, you need to measure the social impact of your project.

The way to measure this will be very dependent on the challenge your project aims to address.

Here are some of the different ways that you can measure the success of your project, depending on the type of project it is:

  • Campaigns - Money raised, awareness generated
  • Events - Number of attendees, money raised, awareness generated
  • Tech - Number of users, actions taken
  • Impact - Number of people supported, Impact on the issue








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