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Projects are the way that change gets made.

Ensuring that your community’s ideas turn into projects is the next important step in for your community to make the change they want to see.

This guide is to show you the key things that Project Managers need to consider when creating a project. This is important for you to know, so that you understand the process. We have created a similar guide for Project Managers, so they know what to think about.




This is the process of creating a project on We Make Change:


  • ‘Create Project’ form completed.


  • Project reviewed by Community Manager - approved or suggested changes will be made.

  • Reviewed by We Make Change Team - approved or suggested changes will be made.

  • Once approved, we will agree a launch date with the Project Manager and Community Manager.


  • Project launched on We Make Change
  • 4 weeks for people to apply.
  • Project Manager reviews the applicants and builds the project team.




There are 3 things that Project Managers should consider when completing their Create Project form.

  1. Theory of change - a good understanding of the problem and a well thought out solution

  2. A plan - An outline of how they can take their idea and make it a reality.

  3. Super cool - It has to be presented in a way that will inspire people to support it.

We’ll take you through each part in more detail - just in case you want to know more!



A theory of change helps people to understand how the project will actually make change happen.



What is the problem the project aims to solve?

They should consider the root causes of the problem and not just how things might appear on the surface.


What is the project’s solution to the problem?

They should consider the existing solutions that help to solve the problem.

Then they should think about how their project provides a solution to an unmet need.


How will the solution be delivered?

They should have a general idea of how the project would be implemented.

Then they should think about why they, or a project team, would be well-suited to delivering it.



How to take an idea and make it into a project that makes change happen.



What is the least they can do to prove the concept?

Proving the concept is the most important thing they can do to provide the validation they need to grow their project.


What are the skills that they need to make it happen?

Design, Events, Finance, Fundraising, Legal, Marketing, Photography, Project Management, Research, Strategy, Videography, Web Development, Writing.


Some projects do need more than skills to make change happen. They should think about how they can get whatever else they might need for free from contacts in their network, or people and organisations who might want to help.

  • Funding
  • Venue
  • Equipment


They should consider how their project is able to become sustainable over the longer-term. This could involve looking at ways that their project could generate revenue, whether it is part of a broader business model or just on a one-off basis.



It’s not just what they want to do, but how they present their projects, that will determine their success.



It’s got to be catchy, while also giving people an idea of the change it will make happen.


People need to feel inspired by the idea behind a project if they are going to support it. Make the messaging simple, clear and concise.


Projects are only super cool if they are successful. They should think about what the key measures of success will be as the project progresses and is delivered. It is important that they have ways of evaluating the success of their project as they develop it. This will help a project team to know whether they are on the right track.

Think about what success looks like over time. They may outlined some immediate short-term goals that define success of your project, but think about what impact the project may have in the medium to long-term.

They also need to consider how they will evaluate the success of their project once it has started to be delivered. How this is done will depend on the type of project they will be delivering.



Create Project form - have a look at this form to see what Project Managers need to include when creating a project.





How you can help to create interest in projects developed by your community.

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