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Creating interest in your community’s projects is essential if they are going to get people with the skills they need to make change happen.

This is your guide to supporting your community’s projects to ensure they get the interest they deserve!




As a project from your community launches on We Make Change, here are a few things you can do to maximise the number of applications they receive.



Social media can be one of the best tools to maximise awareness of a project. As soon as a project is launched, coordinate social media activity across your community and even personal social media accounts (if you want to!).

Also ask people in your community to share projects on their social media.



These are the social networks to focus on (in order of what we find are the most effective):



Email may be the most underrated form of communication. It is one of the most effective ways of mobilising people.

Nobody likes spam, so don’t just email everyone about your community’s projects. Target those people in your network who you genuinely think might be interested in supporting a project.



e’ll help to promote your community’s projects in a number of ways:

  • Social media - We will post about them across our social media.
  • ChangeMakers Slack - We will post your project on the ChangeMakers Slack.
  • Email - We’ll send an email to relevant members of the community about your community’s projects.


Our Marketing Team will automatically email people in our community shortly after a project is launched. You do not have to do anything!




Once a project team is in place and they are developing their project, it can be really helpful to continue to support them as they make progress.



Keep track of how projects are progressing and ask Project Managers to post regular updates, including photos from team meetings, any important news and examples of success on the community’s Facebook group and Slack channel.

We will then post some of these updates on our social media to help your community gain even more awareness.



If you think a project should be getting more attention, then make sure the We Make Change Project Coordinator knows and they will let our Marketing Team know.



As a Community Manager, you may have built up connections or knowledge that could help Project Managers as their projects progress.

Try to support them in any way that you can through your networks to maximise their chance of success. It could be as simple as asking a connection to help with a particular element of a project.

This is not an essential part of being a Community Manager, but can be of so much value to your members if you can provide additional support!







As a community, it can really help to start building a broader network of people and organisations who care about the challenges you are trying to solve.


It is not just what you are going to do, but how you present it that will determine the size it becomes.



There could be some very influential people who may be interested in supporting your community. These could include social media influencers, celebrities or very highly-skilled individuals. 






There may be NGOs who would be interested in being part of your community. Whether you are an NGO yourself, or another community type, there may be ways in which you can work together to make the change you want to see.



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Most companies now have some form of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives.

Search to find those companies who are interested in supporting the challenges your community aims to solve.

If you can find relevant people within their CSR departments, or who have responsibility for this, they may be able to provide financial support, advice or event event space.





As a Community Manager, that is really all you need to know. 

If you want to find out about managing projects, then here you can find what Project Managers receive to help them build their team. 

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