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A community is a group of people united by a purpose.

Whether you are setting up a community as a cause, city, NGO, or company, this is your guide to creating a community that makes change happen.

This is the process we have developed to empower communities to make change happen.




We Make Change Communities are a bit different from most - we connect people online from across the world who care about the same causes, cities, or NGOs, and enable them to develop projects that make change happen.

By doing that, we enable anyone, anywhere to use their skills to make the change they want to see.

This is community building like it has never been done before and this is how you do it!



How to create, manage and grow your community:

  1. Create Community - this is what you are learning to do right now!
  2. Manage Community - how to keep community members engaged and how to structure your community.
  3. Grow Community - how to grow your community and ensure you stay on the right path as it grows.


This is just the start, but by no means the most important part. Each part of the process is crucial to making change happen.



Bringing together your community to create ideas, make them into projects and get people to support them.

  1. Create Ideas - tools and tips to help your community generate project ideas.
  2. Create Projects - how your members can turn those ideas into projects that can make change happen.
  3. Create Interest - enabling your community’s projects to gain interest, so they can get people with the skills they need.


For Project Managers looking to build, manage and grow their project teams.

  1. Build Team - what Project Managers need to know to build project teams with the skills needed to make them a reality.
  2. Manage Team - how they can manage their team to ensure they collaborate effectively.
  3. Grow Team - how they can grow their project team and get support from companies and influencers.


For Project Managers on how to keep track of progress on their project, deliver it successfully and grow the change they make happen.

  1. Track Change - keeping track of projects being developed to ensure they achieve their goals.
  2. Make Change - how to launch projects, ensure they keep making progress, and how to evaluate their success.
  3. Grow Change - how to take a project to the next level once it has been successfully delivered.


We tell the world about your community’s success!

We ensure project teams across your community and the whole We Make Change Community hear about your community’s successes.

That means that as a global community we can learn from each other and help each other to make change happen.




As you look to create your community, there are a number of things that you need to consider.



You need to consider what type of community yours will be:

  • Cause - a Cause Community collaborates to help address a specific challenge being faced in the world. 
  • City - bring people together from across a city to address the challenges faced in the local area.
  • NGO - whether you are from a charity, other not-for-profit, or a social venture, we enable you to create a community to support your organisation.
  • Company - Company Communities enable employees to volunteer to support the causes their organisation cares about.


Why does your community exist? This is the key question that you need to ask yourself when creating your community.

You need a clear, simple sentence that will inspire people to support your community.



Your Purpose Statement should also work as the focal point for the decisions you make as a community.



What are some of the key challenges that your community will aim to solve?

Whatever the type of community yours is, there will be specific social challenges that your community will aim to solve.

Homelessness, climate change, and child poverty are just a few examples of the types of things they could be.

Identify what these challenges are to ensure that your community is united behind the key challenges they should be helping to address.



Where will the impact of your community be?

You might start off small - perhaps in one locality or country - but what matters is the scope of the impact your community will aim to make. That could be within one particular country, a continent, or internationally.

Make sure the scope of your community is clear so you can unite more people who share similar aims.



Now that you have considered those important questions, you are ready to apply to create a community!

This is the first step to making the change you want to see happen. It is a very simple process:




Once your application has been successful, it’s time to get your community started! This is how to get it going!



Your community will get its own Community Page on We Make Change.

It includes each of the elements listed under ‘Your Community’ and is the place where people can sign up to join your community.



Community Pages - have a look at some of our existing communities to see what they look like.



We recommend starting your community as a Facebook group. This is because Facebook is something that (almost) everybody uses and that people regularly check.

This means that it can be a great way to generate momentum by getting some early sign ups.

You may already have one or several Facebook groups, but we do recommend creating a specific Facebook group for those looking to use their skills to support your community’s purpose.

To ensure that people know it is a We Make Change Community, we also recommend calling your group ‘We Make Change: [Cause/City/NGO/Company]’.




Depending on the community type you are creating, this is how we recommend creating your Facebook group.

  • Cause - we will create the Facebook group for you.
  • City/NGO/Company - you can create a group linked to an existing relevant Facebook page, such as a local authority.


Your Facebook group is a great way to get a broad group of people engaged initially. However, for those people that really want to be involved more intensely - by developing ideas and creating projects - a Slack channel is a great way to really get them involved.

Slack is brilliant for internal communications with members of your community. It’s easy to use and much quicker than using email. You can use it in your internet browser and/or download it as an app on your desktop and phone.

Sign up to our ChangeMakers Slack and we will set up a Slack channel for you to provide a closed chat-room where members can connect and develop ideas. They will then easily be able to join project teams once your community has developed its first set of projects.



Sign Up to ChangeMakers Slack

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Once your community is set up, you are ready to go!

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