Unleash the Power of Young People




Young people across the UK feel unheard and unrepresented in society with those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds feeling least able to challenge the problems they see, despite being at the blunt end of most political decisions.

Not having a voice can have a dangerous impact on their confidence and aspirations, leading them down a path of apathy and alienation.




The Advocacy Academy exists to give young people that voice.

The Advocacy Academy is a youth movement working to unleash the power of young people to create a more fair, just, and equal society. They are on a mission to create a new generation of social-change leaders, supporting them to tackle the biggest challenges of the 21st century - from gender equality to mental health. They envision a society in which young people are active citizens, meaningfully participating in their communities, and effectively challenging systemic injustice and inequality to create a better tomorrow.

Through their flagship programme, the Social Justice Leadership Fellowship, they support young leaders in South London, with lived experience of inequality and injustice, to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to channel their anger and frustration into realising the change they want to see in their communities.

Fellows of the programme participate in six-month crash-course in democratic engagement. engaging in more than 300 hours of activities, workshops and campaigning. They experience what it takes to lead system-level change by lobbying in council chambers and Parliament, running grassroots campaigns and building broad-based alliances.

“I’ve found a way to take my anger and use it in a good way - by channeling it into something important” - Kaitlin, Class of 2017.

The Advocacy Academy is at a critical point in its development. There is huge potential and commitment to expand their amazing work to reach more young people. They have proven the need and efficacy of their programmes; and are ready and determined to deliver their ambitious plans for growth.

You can play a key role in supporting The Advocacy Academy at this critical time, so they can empower more young people to make the change they want to see.



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Applications are open to join the volunteer team to make the project happen.

The application deadline has now passed.




The team at The Advocacy Academy will be leading the project.

Their Fellows have already produced some amazing work, including their viral #LegallyBlack campaign for better black representation in the media. It was featured all over the press.




The application deadline has now passed.