United Citizens




A movement established to hold tech to account.




Technology is the new frontier for civic rights. Our mission is to ensure tech is shaped for all, leaving nobody behind. We are concerned by data rights abuses, child labour in tech supply chains, the lack of accountability of powerful CEOs, unequal access, and online harms.

As an example, we have campaigned for Mark Zuckerberg to appear in front of UK Parliament to answer questions on behalf of British citizens impacted by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. We've also called for Tim Cook from Apple to be transparent about reported incidences of children in the Congo mining for minerals used in iPhones.




United Citizens aims to address these issues by building a global democratic membership organisation by recruiting people worldwide, voting for its representatives, voting for the issues we want to tackle, then campaigning for change as a movement.

United Citizens wants to unite citizens globally around common interests for shared peace, privacy, security, freedom, and prosperity.

We are looking for people who consider themselves to be global citizens, and who want to ensure new technologies lead to progress for all. You don't need to be an expert, you just need to have the passion and determination to make a difference.

Together we will organise online actions like petitions, and organise offline actions like protests and marches.

For more information, go to www.crowdfunder.co.uk/united-citizens/.



  • Communities

  • Rights

  • Social Welfare

  • Technology




We are proud to have over 100 founding members including:

United Citizens is an initiative of The Fourth Group. The Fourth Group is a public advocacy organisation established to shape tech for good. Here is the team behind it:

Alvin Carpio has spent the last decade campaigning on issues related to human rights and social justice. He is currently Chief Executive of The Fourth Group, a global community committed to shaping the fourth industrial revolution for good. Its latest initiative is United Citizens, a global democratic membership organisation shaping tech for all, leaving nobody behind. Previously he worked as a community organiser on the living wage campaign and then in Tottenham during and after the riots in 2011. He then worked for an MP before lobbying on issues related to criminal justice and on behalf of people in poverty. He now uses this experience to advise governments and businesses on leadership, social policy, and impact. In 2017 he was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work in Law & Policy.





  • Helping us raise money through our crowdfunder. We have raised £3.5k out of our £40k target.

  • Time 4+ hours per week.


  • Helping us grow our membership base to 1,000 members.

  • Time 4+ hours per week.


  • Helping us develop and win campaigns through strategic planning and execution.

  • Time 4+ hours per week.





The application deadline has now passed and the team is now developing the project.