A Platform For Social Supply Chains




We are a digital procurement platform for the public sector that specialises in making the process of procuring social enterprises easier, safer and quicker.




Public sector organisations spend up to £200 billion a year on goods and services. These organisations, like housing associations and local authorities, exist to help communities thrive and succeed. Social enterprises are well positioned to help with this, however current procurement systems for public sector contracting are hard for them to navigate resulting in the majority of this £200 billion going largely to private organisations that have little social impact. Spending cultures like this are keeping public sector supply chains lacking in social value. The government’s Social Value Act has provided the legislative backing to change this but current systems do not support it.




This is where Supply Change comes in. We want to redirect this spending to social enterprises who have the potential to make some serious impact across the communities they operate in.
Current procurement tools are difficult to navigate and require suppliers to submit one application per contract. Barriers like this prevent social enterprises who lack the training and time. Public sector organisations lack knowledge of the abilities of social enterprises, resulting in little engagement. We want to build a new type of procurement platform to change this.

Our platform will match live contracts with vetted social enterprises, meaning spending doesn't only get the job done but has an impact on lives and communities that need it most. Social enterprises will be vetted when signing up to the platform, we will check essentials such as their previous work, size, insurances and accreditations with a safe automatic process that ensures each social enterprise is contract-ready. Our-sign up process is comprehensive and modelled on multiple contract specifications, meaning social suppliers will only have to complete this process once to apply for any contract. Over-all, for both buyers and suppliers, this platform will be friendly, accessible and tackle barriers which are currently preventing the potential social impact in public sector supply chains.

The will for this change is there, but the systems are not in place to help this happen. Our platform will be that system.



  • Communities

  • Social Welfare




The Supply Change team:

Beth Pilgrim (Team Lead // Breast Cancer Now, Social Starters)

Verena Wimmer (Tech Lead// Deliveroo, Hustle)

Aoise Keogan-Nooshabadi (Operations Lead// Leeds City Council, Squire Patton Boggs)





  • Build a movement around our radical idea. Creating events to get buyers with social suppliers together, increasing awareness and creating networks. Other potential ideas are talks, training and development days etc…

  • Time 8+ hours per week.


  • Write about the build as it happens and builds a movement/hype around this. Write about the progressive procurement movement generally.

  • Time 5+ hours per week.


  • Increase engagement with our website to be searchable and ensure it gets our values and strengths across. More importantly help with the platform build, ideally having a high-skilled developer to supervise junior developers.

  • Time 8+ hours per week.


  • Help with Twitter, Linkedin and other outlets.  Help define and perfect our sales pitch as we onboard suppliers and buyers.

  • Time 4+ hours per week.


  • Help with what the final platform will look like, it has to be very user-friendly.

  • Time 4+ hours per week.





The project will last for between 9-12 weeks and you can now apply to join the project to make change happen!