Peace In Conflict

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Conflict is difficult to cover accurately. There are opposing sides, perpetuating multiple narratives. There are hard-to-reach areas: remote, off-the-grid, and dangerous. There are international media outlets taking opposing sides for politically motivated reasons. Sometimes there is no international media attention at all.

It is complicated.

This project will address two issues which are specifically exacerbated by the above description.

  1. The voices of people living through conflict are often not heard.

  2. Public understanding of conflict needs to improve.




We create a direct line of communication between people in conflict zones, and the international audience wanting to learn more and wondering what they can do to help.

This empowers those people living and suffering in conflict zones, while educating the public. We cut out intermediary sources that might spin narratives, and we foster a better understanding of the issue.

We believe this will inspire people around the world to take action and help resolve conflicts, while being equipped with more accurate knowledge from direct sources who have been given a chance to tell their stories. 

This is how we can make change.



  • Children

  • Health

  • Rights

  • Communities

  • Culture

  • Social Welfare

  • Spirituality

  • Humanitarian Aid




This is still an idea.

We will start by developing framework, and then apply it to a specific conflict.

Once we have this operational, the framework can be applied to a wider group of conflicts.

We want to bring people together to develop the project.




The project is being led by a Web Developer currently living in Syria.





  • To develop a strategy for the project, including how it can grow and eventually become sustainable.

  • Time: 4 hours per week.


  • To help develop a very simple website on Squarespace.

  • Time: 8 hours per week.


  • To develop a marketing strategy to help promote the project.

  • Time: 4 hours per week.


  • Writing relevant content for the website and various media outlets, including blog posts.

  • Time: 4 hours per week.


  • Design the website and corresponding marketing material, including a logo, posters and social media posts.

  • Time: 6 hours per week.


  • Conduct research regarding specific conflicts of interest. Help identify the various organisations working to resolve the conflict. Original research and data modelling abilities would be great, but not required.

  • Time: 6 hours per week.


  • Develop a fundraising plan that will help to fund the growth of the project, including exploring corporate sponsorship, grants from trusts and foundation and other fundraising streams.

  • Time: 4 hours per week.


  • To explore ideas of how videos could be used to support the project and develop relevant video content.

  • Time: 4 hours per week.


  • To explore how photography could be used to support the project and produce relevant photo content.

  • Time: 4 hours per week.