GivingStreets addresses the issue of financial inclusivity in cashless societies by enabling person-to-person donations without cash.




The traditional act of giving (spontaneous micro-donations) is challenged by our society's unstoppable evolution towards ubiquitous convenient forms of cashless payments.

No spare-change for the busker at the station or the person sleeping rough.




GivingStreets innovates by integrating proven technologies.

The GivingStreets mobile application enables donors to send money while our private blockchain helps track transactions between givers (donors) and receivers (buskers or rough sleepers) in the system. The GivingStreets backend facilitates the performance of all transactions in a robust and scalable manner. Finally, the GivingStreets merchant application allows the seamless redemption of donations received.

Initially, we employ a revenue-share model, charging a small percentage per micro-payment (<5%), to drive the sustainability of the platform. Later on, other means (e.g. subscription-based, advertisements) will be explored.

The main beneficiaries of GivingStreets fall into three categories:

  • Rough sleepers: GivingStreets enables rough sleepers to receive donations without proof of identity, reduces the uncertainty of living in the streets and alleviates social stigma attached to it;

  • Buskers: GivingStreets enables cashless instant donations to specific individuals and bridges the financial gap between buskers and the cashless society;

  • Charities: GivingStreets enables charities to receive donations directly and remotely, thus increasing the number and frequency of donations.



  • Communities

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Social Welfare




The team combines competencies for front-end software development, product development, business sustainability, project management, and financial planning.

Dr Ioannis Komnios is the COO, building upon his long experience of successfully managing collaborative European projects (FP7, H2020), including H2020 KONFIDO on blockchain for eHealth data.

Dr Dimitris Vassiliadis is responsible for the go-to-market and launch strategy, exploiting his expertise in new product and business development for 15+ years. His most recent achievement includes ranking Gartner's top product within the banking sector.

Dr Irene Lopez de Vallejo leads user testing work, impact analysis activity, stakeholder engagement and dissemination activities, using her multidisciplinary social and economic background and extensive network developed through years of international partnership development.

Mr Kostas Akasoglou is responsible for the blockchain set-up and the front-end development of GS and, in particular, the Android platform, based on his expertise in web and mobile application development.





The application deadline has now passed and the team is now developing the project.