Chatterbox is an online language learning platform for professionals, where tutors are trained refugees who share their personal and professional interests.




Refugees with advanced degrees and valuable skills face shocking levels of unemployment or underemployment worldwide.

Chatterbox trains and employs displaced people to teach their native languages in the booming language online language-learning industry.




Our online language learning platform matches refugee tutors with students around the world, based on their teaching skills but also on their professional background – providing a more engaging learning experience, while valuing refugees' entire professional background. In addition, individual tutors can use this as a springboard into even better opportunities.

The refugee community as a whole benefits from raised aspirations and improved attitudes towards hiring refugees among clients who work with us. And society benefits from a radical framing of refugees as an asset rather than a burden or threat.

Most "career aligned" solutions online focus on English or engineering (the biggest markets). The leader is Voxy – which fills the Market needs for English learning. We want to deliver this in other languages, starting with Arabic and Spanish (largest numbers of refugees, and some of the largest language learning markets). We could also expand to Mandarin in the future.



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Mursal Hedayat – Founder and CEO
Mursal is a former refugee with personal insight into the refugee experience. She has been trained in social entrepreneurship as a Year Here social change fellow following a degree in Economics. Her work has been recognised by Ashoka, Forbes, and MIT among others.

Guillemette – Co-Founder and Head of Product & Operations
Guillemette is a serial tech entrepreneur, having previously founded two tech startups; one in the language sector and another backed by Y Combinator. Prior to this as a social worker, she created and taught language programmes for third sector organisations.

Christian Vismara – Full-stack Web Developer
Previously worked for a studio agency rapidly prototyping new startups.

Liz Chick – Part-time communications lead

Upcoming hires include an Arabic specialist, FT Communications Lead, Business Development Lead, and Developer.





The application deadline has now passed and the team is now developing the project.