Changemaker Film




Film is such a powerful way of communicating to people across the world, but there are so few films that focus on causes that don't get a lot of attention in the media.

As many people may not be aware of such issues, they often do not support them and change does not happen.




To create a film that informs people about an important cause that deserves more attention, inspires them to take action and empowers them to make change happen.

It will be a 10-40 minute documentary film that will focus on a particular cause. The Changemaker community will help to decide what the cause will be. This will likely include working with one or several NGOs who are helping to tackle that particular issue. 

It will help by highlighting a particular cause that may not be widely known and that is particularly important now and into the future. The aim will then be to inspire people to take action and empower them by showing what they can actually do to make change happen.




You can help to decide which cause the film will cover! More details soon!




The team have begun filming Venezuelan refugees in Brazil.




Fabien Guillermont, a specialist documentary filmmaker, is leading the project. His most recent work, Exodos, covered refugees travelling across the Mediterranean to Europe. You can find out more about him and his work here.

Natalia Albuquerque, an MA International Relations student, is working with him to make the film a reality.




The film is now being developed. They are raising money to help make the film a reality. You can support their crowdfunding campaign here.