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At Alice, we’re supporting effective social and environmental projects by offering donors transparency.

Using blockchain, we’re incentivising charities to become more open about how they structure their projects, in return for restored trust from the public.

Through our platform, donors can also make their donations conditional to the project having demonstrable impact, shifting the traditional model of charitable giving to one of “payment-by-results”.




There is a worldwide issue with trust in charitable organisations, due to a perceived lack of transparency as to how they spend donations.




At Alice, we’re building a mutually beneficial ecosystem for charitable giving, which incentivises charities to be more transparent about their impact. Who did they help? What were the costs? What lessons were learned?

All of this information becomes accessible to donors using blockchain, so that they can choose who they donate to based on how effective and scalable the project is. In return, donors trust charities and give more, as the industry trend of public distrust in the charity sector is reversed.

The first project that we’ve launched is a crowdfunding platform for charities, which makes public donations conditional to the project’s success. If the charity doesn’t achieve its targets, or the validator doesn’t confirm that the project’s actually made an impact, you, as the donor, get your money back. You also have the chance to evaluate the project’s structure from the outset, so you can decide for yourself if the project costs and structure are reasonable.



  • Animals

  • Children

  • Communities

  • Environment

  • Health

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Rights

  • Social Welfare

  • All measurable, outcome-based social or environmental projects.




The Alice team, along with our partners and advisory board.





The application deadline has now passed and the team is now developing the project.