National Team Guide

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Congratulations on becoming part of a #MakeChangeNow National Campaign Team!

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a team leading the movement to unite our generation in your country. We want you to be a representative of young people in your country as part of this global movement.




Your purpose is to maximise the number of people who sign up to join the movement in your country. We’re going to give you the tools and tips you need to do just that!



Here are some tools to get you started and that we are going to be using throughout the campaign.


The first thing you need to do is join the #MakeChangeNow National Campaign Team Facebook group!

This is where we will connect you with your other national team members, as well as communicate with you and the rest of the teams.


We have put together resources to help you, including social media graphics, more information about the movement and much more. You can find it all in the #MakeChangeNow Campaign Toolkit.


We will have a Zoom call with all of the National Campaign Teams every other Wednesday at 2pm UK time starting on Wednesday 12th June. Details of how to join the call will be sent out on the Facebook group ahead of each call.

If you can’t make all of the calls, that is not a problem, but try to make sure at least one person from your team can. An update will be sent out with key action points following each call.



As part of a National Campaign Team, you must work individually and collectively to grow the movement in your country. Here are a few ways you can do that:


Invite as many people as you can to sign up. These can be friends, colleagues or any other people within your network. All you need to do is simply share the message below with your friends and colleagues on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email or anywhere else you can:

Hi! I’ve joined the movement uniting our generation to change the world. Sign up to #MakeChangeNow


Share from your social media accounts telling your followers to join the movement. Also find Facebook groups and other communities of people who would be interested and reach out to them. You can find us @WeMakeChangeNow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Create your own content or here is post you can use:

I’ve joined the movement uniting our generation to change the world. Sign up to #MakeChangeNow


Create ideas for how we can grow the movement, such as organising events, creating your own social media content, etc. We are going to give you a lot of freedom, so try things out and see what works!

You can also share ideas by adding them to the ‘Ideas’ column of the Campaign Toolkit.



We are tracking the number of sign up from each country as the campaign progresses. We will give an update on sign up numbers from each country every two weeks. We will be regularly giving out awards to those individuals and teams who have shown the passion and dedication to #MakeChangeNow.


Team awards will be given based on achieving a certain number of sign ups from your country during each month:


  • ChangeMaker Bronze: 500 sign ups during month

  • ChangeMaker Silver: 1,000 sign ups during month

  • ChangeMaker Gold: 2,000 sign ups during month


  • National ChangeMaker Bronze: 3,000 sign ups during month

  • National ChangeMaker Silver: 6,000 sign ups during month

  • National ChangeMaker Gold: 10,000 sign ups during month


  • Global ChangeMaker Bronze: 15,000 sign ups during month

  • Global ChangeMaker Silver: 25,000 sign ups during month

  • Global ChangeMaker Gold: 50,000 sign ups during month


Individual awards will be give to those team members who show a special dedication to growing the movement to #MakeChangeNow. These will include:

  • ChangeMaker of the Month - awarded to the highest performing ChangeMaker across all of the campaign teams.

  • National Champion - awarded to the leading team member in each country at the end of the campaign.

  • Global ChangeMaker Award - awarded to all those team members who deserve the title of ‘Global ChangeMaker’.




Together, we are aiming to achieve 1,000,000 sign ups by Monday 16th September 2019, when the United Nations General Assembly meets.

We want to show world leaders that we are generation united to change the world.

You are building the movement to make that happen. Let’s #MakeChangeNow!

We Make Change