Stage 1: Campaign Team

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Welcome to the #MakeChangeNow Campaign Team!

#MakeChangeNow is the movement to unite our generation to change the world. We aim to get 10,000 people to join the movement by 30th June 2019. There are just 3 things you need to do to join one of our National Campaign Teams.




Invite at least 10 people you know to sign up (invite 100 if you can!).

All you need to do is simply share the message below with your friends and colleagues on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email or anywhere else you can:

Hi! I’ve joined the movement uniting our generation to change the world. Sign up to #MakeChangeNow



Post on your social media accounts telling your followers to join the movement.

You can find us @WeMakeChangeNow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Create your own content or here is post you can use:

I’ve joined the movement uniting our generation to change the world. Sign up to #MakeChangeNow



We want to feature you on our website and social media as one of our Global ChangeMakers.

Once you have completed tasks 1 and 2, complete the short profile form below to enable us to feature you. We can then tell the world about who you are, the change you want to see and how you are helping to make it happen.




Once you have completed the tasks above, you will then be able to move onto Stage 2 where you can join a We Make Change National Campaign Team.

As part of a National Campaign Team, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain experience with an international NGO.

  • Enhance your CV.

  • Empower people across the world to make change happen.

If you have any questions, email us at

We look forward to changing the world with you!

We Make Change Team

We Make Change